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South Thanet MP makes request for Governors for Schools

Governors for Schools is an independent charity working to fill thousands of governor vacancies at primary, secondary and special schools across England, including many vacancies in the south east and at least twenty in and around South Thanet constituency.

MP for South Thanet Craig Mackinlay who works with Governors for Schools is keen to invite FSB members to consider becoming a school governor.

“Skilled, committed volunteers are key to the effective governance of our schools,” says Craig. “School governors set the strategic direction of schools, sign off on their budget, and act as a critical friend of the Headteacher. It is a great opportunity to give back to the local community and to gain new strategic thinking skills along the way.”

Governors attend roughly six meetings a year and average about seven hours a month on the role, with nothing over the summer, weekends or Christmas holidays.

Interested applicants can complete a short application form here, or contact Eoghan on if they have any questions. Free training is available on the Governors for Schools website, and additional training is provided by schools.