Small Businesses urged to respond to parking hikes in Cambridge

  • 15 Jan 2019

Members of the Federation of Small Businesses in central Cambridge are being urged by the local FSB leader, Alan Todd to respond to the City Council’s proposed parking hikes that will come into force in April if they are accepted. 

These proposals include an additional peak hour tariff of 50p per hour of stay for arrivals between 11am and 1pm on a Saturday and Sunday and also to delay the evening reduction in parking charges from 6pm to 7pm. 

Alan Todd, area leader for FSB in Greater Cambridge said: “The  proposed additional peak hour tariff at the weekend will certainly affect small businesses in the city centre as this is a key shopping time. The delay with the evening reduction in parking charges from 6pm to 7pm will also be detrimental, as this is a key arrival time in the city for the night time economy and pre-theatre trade. 


“Cambridge’s parking is already too expensive for the casual shopper to undertake a quick last minute buy, it would be unfortunate if this was extended into further categories of visitor to the detriment of the small businesses in the city. We would hate to see those independent businesses that make Cambridge such a unique and special place driven out of business through the added problem of a reduced customer base. 
“Recently, we launched our High Streets Campaign in which we outline the burden of the outdated and unfair business rates system, the dwindling bank branch and ATM networks and the lack of adequate parking facilities. Parking remains a big issue for city centres. High parking charges, aggressive enforcement and a lack of available spaces in many areas have discouraged shoppers from visiting,  favouring out-of-town retail parks with free parking. 


“This is a difficulty time for independent businesses and we oppose any measures that would discourage visitors from the city centre.  This would work detrimentally to the interests of small businesses and to the sustainability of the centre of Cambridge as a premiere visitor destination. We would encourage small business owners who feel they would be affected by the proposed changes to let Cambridge City Council know.” 

For more information about the proposed changes go to and contact [email protected]  if you would like to respond to these proposals.