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Small Businesses – Must Do Security Arrangements

In this day and age, with security issues rearing its ugly head regularly in the media and all around us, every organisation must consider some level of security at their business premises. 

There are various things to consider when securing your premises. How secure your building is will be based on your budget, security needs and what your building can facilitate.

There are many security systems to consider, including:
• CCTV and remote surveillance
• Access Control
• Intruder Alarm
• Door entry System
• Security turnstiles
• Visitor pass system
And more….

Any security efforts applied to your building should aim to minimise the risks posed in terms of security breaches as well as the effects, should a perpetrator succeed in breaching your security.

At a minimum, building security measures should aim to provide:
• A building with limited access points and a strong perimeter
• Controlled access of people and vehicles onto the site
• Increased security in sensitive areas or areas that hold valuables
• An intruder alarm 
• Appointed security personnel who is trained on what procedures to deploy in situations of security breaches, alerts or emergencies (not necessarily security staff) 
• Security plans for deployment of external resources such as fire services, police, ambulance services, local Authority, utility providers, communication providers and agency workers
All the above should be considered for integration into a security strategy, with adoption of the minimum procedures mentioned above after a feasibility study has been carried out and necessary personnel has been appointed to carry out tasks. It is also important that the security strategy considers all related policies and procedures already in place.

Business owners should feel a sense of obligation to protect its staff and assets, for more information and guidance, visit where you can find a library of articles providing more information on securing your premises.