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Small business owners learn about the the smart revolution

FSB Devon were delighted to welcome Stephen Hilton from Bristol City Futures to our most recent policy evening.

Smart working, Smart energy and Smart Cities are all on the agenda nowadays, so it was interesting to take a look a one city (Bristol) and for him to talk though the work that he has been doing.

One of the areas he talked about that really interested me from a business point of view was the idea of work hubs (free at the point of contact) for people who work smartly at home 2/3 days a week and want to meet others and work smartly in a hub with others on the remaining days.

He talked about these being  slightly theme based so one day might be more technical people whilst other days might be art or designer based. Not a totally new idea as I know google have been trailing something similar.

He also talked about opening things up so that people didn’t get left behind either with upskilling people at these hubs or by making work places and training more freely available.  Overall it was a very thought provoking evening