Skills 30:30 builds bridges between schools and businesses

  • 19 Nov 2018
More than 800 business and students across Kent have been building effective relationships through the FSB Skills 30:30 workshops. 

Paul Andrews, FSB Skills Lead, says “The uptake of these workshop proves the need from both students and businesses to talk to each other. The results show how effective this can be – employers are finding new staff; students gain great insight into the world of work and businesses secure strong links with local schools. We’re proud of the success of these events so far and now want to encourage all schools across Kent to take up this free two hour workshop.”


FSB members in Kent rate a skills shortage as one of the top three obstacles to their business growth. Skills 30:30 is a practical way for businesses to engage with students, understand their expectations and share their knowledge about the working world. It also gives students the opportunity to meet with a wide range of businesses – from representatives from large organisations such as LinkedIn, Southeastern or NatWest, to local employers and the self-employed.

In this free two-hour event, businesses hear from a local authority and relevant recruitment groups, while students take part in an employment-related workshop. Then both groups get together for facilitated speed-networking. 

The aim is twofold – for students to meet a wide range of businesses so they can consider entrepreneurship as a future career; and for businesses to understand the aspirations, talents and potential skills of young people as a future workforce. 


Angeline Hollinshead, Head of Sixth Form and Careers Lead at Wrotham School, said; “FSB worked incredibly hard to organise a Skills 30:30 event at Wrotham School where our Year 13 students got to meet and receive advice and coaching from business owners across a wide variety of sectors. The students are still talking about the connections they made and it has made such an electric start to their final year of study. As Careers Lead for the school, it has also been such a valuable experience for our team and we can't wait to host another event.”

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