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Sheffield Litter Pickers seek business partners

Sheffield Litter Pickers wish to make businesses aware of the resource they provide. The group is willing to help keep places tidy for everyone's benefit and are looking to partner with local business owners. 

The group is in talks with businesses about sponsoring a litter pick. Any firm – however small – can make a powerful impact by sponsoring a local litter pick. This involves publicising the pick locally and treating pickers to a cup of tea afterwards. 

In keeping with the FSB’s “Stamp it Out” campaign, the group thinks that keeping areas litter free is fundamental to good business practice and improves workers’ aspiration to care for their own working environment. Sheffield Litter Pickers are happy to work with any business to make change happen all over Sheffield. It is made up of over 230 individuals who each run local litter picks.

Andrew Flower, South Yorkshire FSB Chairman said: “There is no factor more likely to deter would-be investors than a region which has lost all pride in itself. Businesses will not wish to invest here and it will be impossible to attract the calibre of people to come and live here to drive future economic prosperity. For the good of our economy and the jobs of the people of our region, we must resolve these problems. We commend the work of Sheffield Litter Pickers in fighting this plague that is becoming all too common across great tracts of the region.”
Businesses wishing to sponsor a litter pick can contact: