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Severn Bridge Tolls cut ahead of being scrapped this year

The Severn Bridge tolls have officially been cut this week as they moved back into public ownership; the first step towards them being scrapped entirely.

When UK Government took control of the tolls on Monday 8th January, they cut the VAT on the tolls, leading to a £1.10 saving for cars using the Severn Bridge heading into Wales, and a £2.20 saving for small buses and vans.

The UK Government has promised to scrap the tolls completely by the end of 2018.
Janet Jones, FSB Wales Policy Chair, said: “The scrapping of VAT on Severn Bridge tolls is a very welcome step towards scrapping them completely. The abolition of the Severn Bridge tolls has been a long-term campaign for FSB Wales and we are pleased to see that the UK Government has heard and acted on our representations.

“The focus must now move onto securing a date for scrapping the tolls. Whilst we are pleased that this will happen in 2018, a firm date will help businesses plan for the year and fully take advantage of the benefits that making the tolls free will bring.”

Rob Basini, FSB South Wales Development Manager, said: “Businesses will be pleased to see this first move towards scrapping the tolls completely. However, we really must press for a firm date on the tolls being scrapped for good. Running a business is not cheap, and scrapping the tolls will ease a burden for businesses who are already between South East Wales and South West England, and will encourage more to consider doing so.”