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Scaling up: how to make sure your team grows with you

By Gary David Smith, Prism – IT at Work

You started your business and it took off. Someone else thought you had a good idea, too, so they bought it – and hired more people to deliver the goods. 

That’s where the problems often start. It helps to build in plans to scale your business right from the get-go. If you don’t, you can end up struggling to adapt your company’s culture and processes down the line. 

Ideally, everything should be scalable, from IT and staff to production tools and techniques to get new customers. 

But very often it’s the employees in this equation who are overlooked as the bosses grapple with grand plans to move onwards and upwards. 

Maybe you can’t or don’t want to offload productivity to random networks of self-employed gig workers.   

Or maybe you want more control over the service you deliver, make a larger investment in the team that will drive your business over the next milestones of growth. 

Whatever route you take to scale up, it’s worth remembering that you can’t do it on your own. 

When you’re scaling up your business, success lies in taking as much care over your teams as you take over your products. You need a supportive team behind you to help you drive your business through what can be a difficult period. 

Hire experts you can trust – you can’t possibly know everything happening in your business and you can’t be everywhere to check, especially if you’re having a growth spurt.   

If you have a trusted team with shared vision and values, you can focus on the business development while they deliver the results you need to back you up. 

Take our business, where service is personal. Our reputation relies heavily on exceptional team-client interactions, so we need to ensure that they’re always the best they can be. 

We do this in it different ways. At base level, we have a comprehensive employment package, but we go further. We offer a personal development plan for all our team members. 

Then there’s the annual team meet-up, not to mention our winter wonderland adventure… a bit of fun does wonders for team spirit. 

We get great feedback, and the improved team morale leads to improved retention. Far fewer of our people want to work elsewhere, something our employee satisfaction survey confirms.   

We foster a shared identity. We all have a common goal that leads to a joined-up approach and much better teamwork across all disciplines. 

That, in turn, leads to better service delivery overall, borne out by our benchmark figures, happy clients and, ultimately, more growth. 

It also means we can rely on our team members to support our business as we grow. 
It’s a sad fact of business life that companies often go under not because they don’t have the right product or the resources to scale up, but because they don’t pay enough attention to their team.   

Make sure that’s not your business!