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Made by Mummy Markets


Leaving full-time employment in the heritage sector to start a family Samantha Jennings found being a stay at home mum joyful, but challenging. Seeking some 'grown-up' time and mental stimulation Samantha joined the local WI and became a committee member and treasurer. Samantha had aspirations to start making and selling crafts at local fairs and online, but found a market place that didn't meet her expectations. Many craft fairs were too long, expensive to trade at, poorly attended with mediocre marketing.

With a background in visitor attractions, Samantha knew she could do a better job running these events. And so in 2016 Made by Mummy Markets was born. An affordable market place for crafting mothers to sell their creations. Made by Mummy Markets events are short, 1pm - 4pm on Sunday afternoons, making them easier for mothers to attend. Fees are just £25, keeping profit margins high for new businesses, or side hustles. As well as the markets themselves Samantha also runs some training and networking events for small craft businesses, and provides marketing services for individuals and organisations by appointment, including Kiplin Hall & Gardens.

To date Made by Mummy Markets has held 9 events, at which traders takings have totaled over £15,000. 1800 customers have attended these 9 events, shopping at 165 stalls. Made by Mummy Markets are destination events, attracting customers with a love and appreciation for handmade and homemade items. People who choose to shop with small businesses. The traders for Made by Mummy Markets are selected following an application process, so each event is curated by Samantha much like a museum exhibition. A seasonal market place of diverse art forms and price ranges creating a unique shopping experience for customers. Samantha also works hard to support local charities with her events, most recently Romanby WI and Herriot Hospice Homecare. 

In May 2019 Samantha joined FSB under the Hambleton District Council FSB Membership Incentive initiative. New members pay a discounted membership fee and then receive a further £50 cashback from the Council. Over 250 fellow small business owners in the area have benefitted from the same arrangement during the 3+ years that the scheme has been running.

Samantha joined because she had seen great FSB representatives at events and started to learn more about the benefits of membership. She is relatively new to running her own business and have for the last 3 years been straddling being the main caregiver to two children (her husband is very engaged with family life but also works full time) and with running her business. This September her youngest has started school so she is looking to put more of her energy into her business. The aim being to make it more professional and grow what she does. She wanted to be a member of FSB so that they could help me along that road. “I've only recently joined but am finding it really useful and interesting already. The free banking has already made a difference to my running costs. I'm looking forward to getting more involved in FSB events, learning more about being an entrepreneur and meeting other business owners in the region”.

Samantha’s wish to get more involved in FSB events has perhaps come sooner than she thought as she’ll be one of the 3 speakers at the next #FSBConnect Monday Motivation events at The Crown Hotel in Harrogate on 30 September. If you’d like to hear more about Samantha’s venture into self employment and her aspirations for the future then sign up here, it’s FREE for Members, £5 for non-Members and that includes refreshments, all welcome.