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Older Apprenticeships Supported by Members

Older Apprenticeships Supported by Members

FSB North Yorkshire has been working with FSB Member Derwent Training on promoting older Apprenticeships. Read Kelly Lambert’s Story below. My name is Kelly Lambert, I am 33 years old. My early career was in elderly care, accounts and beauty. In 2012 I met Gordy who has his own engineering company FRS. I started to help him and learnt new things involving engineering and welding. I realised I got a feeling of satisfaction and I felt I had found something I really enjoyed and was happy doing. I liked the challenges it produced and the problem solving it brought, from the beginning of a project through to seeing it finally made. It made me feel I had achieved something to show and be proud of.

An opportunity to do an Apprenticeship in Level 3 Advanced Welding and Fabrication was made possible through a company I was working for last year. Unfortunately the company I was working for has closed, leaving me in a difficult position.

I am still trying to find an apprenticeship placement/employment that fits in with the hours I'm available. As a single mum I struggle with childcare issues as I have a seven year old boy which makes it difficult to work the normal working hours most companies offer. Also there is the apprenticeship funding side of things because I am an older apprentice the government only pay 50% of the funding for the programme so any company taking me on would need to pay a contribution.

I will keep trying to find a placement with a local business as I would really like to see my apprenticeship through and gain the skills and qualifications I need for my future career. I feel I have the maturity and positive attitude as an older apprentice that would serve any company well.

Whilst I have been doing my Apprenticeship with Derwent Training Association in Malton they have been fully supportive of me. I have also got involved with the Apprentice Council and I have joined this year’s Brathay Apprentice Challenge Team, where I have achieved so much more. I've done so many things that have pushed me out of my comfort zone, that have challenged my capabilities and also opened so many new possibilities and built my confidence up as well.

If I could give one message to anybody it would be to accept opportunities whenever they happen and whatever age you are.

Just one of my opportunities  was meeting with Norton’s Local Councillor Dinah Keal