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Not so long ago the challenges of setting up an SME were considerable.

Small businesses and sharing – why it makes sense

Not so long ago the challenges of setting up an SME were considerable.

There were the costs of renting an office, hiring staff and a company car, and all before you started doing business.

But then the sharing economy happened, and it’s brought huge advantages, for SME’s.

There are now shared workspaces, where desks and spaces can be hired and where teams can collaborate with inspiring and like-minded people.

And a full-time team is not necessary when you start out. Instead consider working with contractors, who agree to deliver a certain amount of work depending on your needs and can also work from home, reducing the need for office space.

Then there’s car sharing, with many car clubs offering a choice of cars and vans, being established in London and cities around the UK.  

There are many advantages to using a car club for a small business instead of a company car or van. Costs start from around £5 per hour and businesses can scale up or scale down their use of the service depending on their exact need at any given time.

Vehicle sharing can also help a business comply with current and future emissions standards, especially useful in London as the new T-charge comes into effect in the autumn and the ULEZ being extended and brought forward to 2019.