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NHS Procurement transformation for SME’s – Chapter 2

We are still in the process of turning the largest NHS procurement for SME’s tanker around and according to NHS research, it will take us into 2019 to witness the benefits of FSB consultations and member presentations, and our members actually becoming NHS suppliers.

However, the process is on the journey to ‘transform’ NHS procurement and we as an organisation can stand proud that this journey commenced with us. This is a snippet from the September issue of the NHS Suppliers Newsletter:

“SRM teams' Collaboration with the Federation of Small Businesses (FSB) continues to ensure that opportunities are transparent and open to all suppliers of all sizes.

For some time, small businesses have been complaining that they have found it difficult or even impossible to engage with the NHS procurement teams regarding supply opportunities. However, for the past few months the FSB has been working with the Department of Health to ensure that opportunities are transparent and open to suppliers of all sizes. The meetings have been extremely positive and the FSB will continue to work with the NHS Supply Chain’s Supplier Relationship Management (SRM) team to promote opportunities and to ensure that the supply chain is ‘small business friendly.’"

At the end of September, our second NHS Procurement Transformation Presentation “New Operating Model” took place in the magnificent Braithwaite Hall in The London Borough of Croydon. Once again this event was fully attended with a lively Q&A. The NHS Procurement Team were kept very busy in the one to one sessions. Once again I am astounded at the volume of member thank you emails received immediately after this event!

We are presently working on Chapter 3 to take place in East Anglia. This is a very special event for our members and staff taking place in November as the Secretary of State for Health and Social Care will be in attendance. Matt Hancock MP will witness for himself the progress that has been made in transforming NHS Procurement making it possible for SME’s to supply goods.

Watch this space for further details!