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New Yorkshire osteopathy opened by Mayor

One of Huddersfield’s newest businesses, Yorkshire Osteopathy, has been opened in style with an official ceremony by the Mayor of Kirklees. Henna Javed, the owner of the osteopathy clinic on Bradford Road, Huddersfield invited the Mayor, Cllr Gwen Lowe, to perform the ceremony. The opening got coverage in the local media, which has given the fledging business a great start – especially as it followed on from Henna becoming an FSB member.

Opening her own business has been a long journey for Henna. She took a four-year degree in osteopathic medicine to become a fully-qualified osteopath which required gaining 1,000 hours of clinical practice before qualification. Before opening her own business, Henna worked in another practice. She still does work there some days whilst while her own business gets established.

Henna gives a lot of thanks to her parents for getting to where she is. Her father and grandfather were both mill workers and she was the first in her family to go to university.
“My parents had nothing but they pushed their kids like there was no tomorrow and we’re all so grateful for that.”

She is also grateful to her boss who gave her encouragement to launch out on her own.
Business owners should remember that politicians love new businesses and always want to be associated with successful new ventures. This may be a way that you can get publicity for your business too. It may not be the Mayor but it could be your local MP or a senior Councillor. The local media also want to be able to report good news (no really).

And you do not have to be a new business, it may be that you are expanding, doing something different or maybe taking on a new or your first employee. 

Also, the FSB has a Start Up Business Advice line, manned by specialist business advisors who will guide you in taking your first steps in setting up your own business and remain on hand to answer your questions within your first few months of trading. You will be able to ask for advice and benefit from the latest documents online on starting up your own business.