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New year new apprentice?

Taking on an apprentice can be a great solution to filling those skills gaps you may find when recruiting. If you have struggled to fill vacancies then growing your own talent can be a great way to either fill a current vacancy or to train up existing staff for future roles. Recruiting your first apprentice however can be daunting as the best way to navigate changes in the system in previous years is not always obvious. Luckily if your small business is based in Somerset or Wiltshire free support is at hand!

Skill Up Somerset is an apprenticeship and skills advisory service providing personal support to small businesses looking to recruit and also to local residents considering taking up an apprenticeship. Higher Futures in Wiltshire offers a similar free support service for small businesses based there. Both services offer advice and support from putting together the job description, finding out what funding is available , identifying the right training partner to work with and to recruiting your apprentice. The support they can offer through this journey is invaluable and can save you both time and money.

Using apprentices means you can train staff in how you like things to be done alongside supporting them to obtain a more formal training qualification. By investing in training staff in this way it can aid staff retention and foster an enthusiasm for learning in your team. Why not make 2020 the year you introduce an apprentice to your business?