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New support launched for Lancashire businesses to create low carbon goods and services

  • 07 August 2017

Liverpool John Moores University is working with Lancashire businesses on a new funded project to create low carbon goods, processes and services.

The Low Carbon Lancashire Innovation Project (LoCal-i) creates innovative low carbon goods, processes and services, developed through collaborative partnerships between small and medium sized companies in the Lancashire Region and University researchers, students and academic staff.

By providing direct access to the latest student expertise and facilities at Liverpool John Moores University a business can take advantage of the cutting-edge exploitable assets and knowledge available at the institution, giving your company a significant edge on the competition.

LoCal-i can significantly benefit your business financially as well as environmentally
To find out more about the LoCal-i Project or to apply for support, please contact Abi Lewis on: Email:
Telephone: 01244 231 2886