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New report makes case for immigration rethink

A new expert analysis suggests that the UK Government’s current immigration proposals could reduce Scotland’s working age population while it rises elsewhere in the UK. 

The Scottish Government commissioned expert group on migration and population today published a new report, which argues that the proposals outlined in the UK Government’s White Paper would reduce net migration to Scotland by between 30% and 50% over the next two decades. The report highlights the impact of these changes on Scotland’s £6 billion tourism industry and the country’s remote and rural areas.

Andrew McRae, FSB’s Scotland policy chair, said: “This thorough report details the real impact that current immigration proposals could have on local communities, economies and businesses. It chimes with feedback from our membership and reinforces the case for an alternative approach to be developed. 

“Fewer working age people in Scotland will make it more difficult to run a business, especially in rural areas and in a number of key sectors. We need to see UK policymakers reflect on this study’s findings, as well as the message they’re getting from business, and take a more measured approach.”