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New project teaches entrepreneurship to 5-6 year olds in Wales

A new project aimed at helping schools teach enterprising skills to 5-6 year olds has recently launched.

The Bumbles of Honeywood is a set of books, online resources and educational materials designed in response to changes to the curriculum in Wales that make enterprise skills a key pillar for schools, but they have relevance for schools across the UK too.

The Donaldson Report, commissioned by the Welsh Government in 2015, states that from 2018 schools should develop creativity and enterprise throughout children’s school career.  The Bumbles of Honeywood will help schools fulfil this requirement.

The project was created by Sue Poole, CEO and director of the Swansea-based Centre for Entrepreneurial Education, an independent organisation that seeks to boost entrepreneurship in learners of all ages, and beyond the school or college environment.

“I was thinking about how we could engage youngsters as soon as they entered full time school in developing the all-important entrepreneurial skills and how I could excite and immerse them in a fun, interesting but educational entrepreneurial programme,” said Sue.

Schools that invest in the project receive the set of books plus access to a set of accompanying resource including mini pots of honey, finger puppets, plant pots and seeds, school wall charts and much more.  

“Importantly they also help children apply learning to create new innovative solutions, identify and grasp opportunities and research and analyse information,” said Sue. “The feedback has been amazing, everyone we have engaged with has loved the stories and the characters. The books, which have been illustrated by Waters Creative, are exactly as I would have wanted - they have done an amazing job.”

Neil Blockley, FSB Development Manager “It has been fantastic to speak to Sue and see how this concept has been developed to address developments in the curriculum in Wales. I hope this solution inspires and supports our future entrepreneurs throughout the UK from the very start of their educational journey.”