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MP for Sleaford & North Hykeham hears Members concerns

Members of the Lincoln, North Hykeham & Sleaford Branch Committee recently held a ‘round table’ meeting with local MP Dr Caroline Johnson at Whisby Nature Park. Committee Chairman David Dexter also reported that one of the Members, a qualified Hearing Aid Audiologist, examined the MP’s ears after the meeting to ensure that business concerns had been heard. 

Mr Dexter said; “From the outset Dr Johnson was very approachable and easy to communicate with. She provided a brief background which clearly indicated her experience of being involved with small business. Her husband currently operates a farm from their home just outside Sleaford.  


Dr Caroline Johnson MP has her ears checked by Audiologist George Tipler to ensure business issues have been heard!


At present she serves on two party committees, one dealing with Rural Affairs and the other Health matters. The MP happily tackled our observations and questions on a whole variety of issues.

Nationally, the subject of Brexit was considered and the MP fully supports Theresa May in her efforts to obtain a successful result for all. She did not support a change in Party leadership and felt that this was being promoted by former office holders and the left wing press.

Apprenticeships were discussed in relation to small business owners and certain anomalies in the process and training of them.

Cyber-crime was a serious consideration and the MP explained various efforts being made nationally to combat it. Locally, Dr Johnson was well aware of the problems of Transport, Infrastructure, Broadband and Telephone Connectivity and will raise all of these on the Rural committee upon which she serves.

She fully supports the most recent campaign from Lincolnshire to apply for a fairer funding deal from existing national budgets to the county – a campaign which has been publicised by FSB and has Member support.

The Committee impressed upon the MP the need for further information for LEP areas nationwide on the numbers of businesses, registered and non-registered for PAYE and VAT in each area. We also drew her attention to the new legislation under GDPR to be introduced next year with problems envisaged for our members.”