Monster Creative embrace the High Street ​

  • 15 Nov 2019

FSB member, Monster Creative, have taken a leap of faith and moved from a business park to the high street. A full-service creative agency with a speciality in print, the firm has relocated its studio from The Wren Centre Business Park in Westbourne to the village’s high street. A brave move that is now reaping major business benefits.


Settling on a former beauty salon on Westbourne’s East Street, Thomas Joyce, Owner and Director, set about completely gutting and refurbishing the premises into a modern creative print and design store (pictured). This has brought back the face to face customer experience and brand awareness that the company wanted.


“We have been overwhelmed with the response and contact from the impact of moving to Westbourne’s village centre,” said Thomas, adding, “It was a big decision to move away from the business park, but we wanted to have more local presence. The move has proved to us that small independent businesses not only have a place on the high street but can bring together the local community. The exposure we’ve had with local residents and walk ins has not only boosted our revenue, it has given us the opportunity to bring our passion of design and print to those who prefer the human interaction.”

The decision to extend small business rate relief by Chichester District Council was definitely a contributing factor in the company’s move over the border from Hampshire into West Sussex.

Martin Searle, Development Manager for FSB in Sussex said: “This is a really good news story for a member business.. FSB has fought hard to lobby Government and Councils to give smaller firms rate relief in our towns and villages. We are so pleased that this has proved an incentive that has paid off on the bottom line for Monster Creative. And of course they, like so many independent firms, contribute so much to the unique character of their village. The ‘feel good’ factor from a town or village trip more often than not comes from a local, customer friendly business, like Monster Creative.”



The last word comes from Director, Thomas Joyce, “We strongly believe that the high street has a place in today’s society and our move has demonstrated that, hopefully more businesses like ours will follow suit.”