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Midlands Engine Updates

Built on a strong advanced manufacturing base and enhanced by a range of sectoral strengths, the Midlands Engine is perfectly positioned to take advantage of economic growth, productivity and skills opportunities. The aim of the Midlands Engine is to improve the economy of the Midlands and the UK, deliver an enhanced quality of life for its citizens and communities and become a globally recognised driver of the economy.

The five themes that fall under the Midlands Engine banner are;

Midlands Connect – The connectivity of the Midlands Engine will be central to its success Midlands Connect will set out a credible long-term transport investment strategy for the Midlands.

Innovation – The Midlands Engine will drive up business innovation and improve productivity and competitiveness. Our universities and businesses will work together to bring forward innovations that support our key sectors and their supply chains;

Skills – The Midlands Engine will work to ensure that the employer base links closely with skills providers and that skills training is tailored to employer demand;

Finance for Business – Supporting our SMEs to grow will increase employment right across the Midlands and help to diversify our business base. SMEs can be a key source of innovation, and medium sized enterprises are crucial to developing local supply chains that support global brands; and

Promotion – The Midlands Engine will develop a regional branding proposition with the aim of strengthening our reputation across global markets and support UK economic growth prospects in an internationally competitive environment.

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