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Member Focus - Tania Prince

Name? Tania A Prince

Your business? Life Beyond Limits Ltd

Based in? Cheshire

An member of FSB since? 2008

What prompted you to join FSB? Protection as a small business. The tax protection was the deciding factor for me especially since when I started my first business decades ago


Best member benefit? Definitely the tax protection, although I like the legal line as well. I had had an encounter with the tax office before, it turned out fine in the end, but you learn from the experience and it was highly traumatic. With this business I never wanted to repeat the experience. 

What’s the best piece of advice you would give a start-up? Clear out any success ‘blocks’ you have, as you go. It makes a huge difference. There is a definite mind-set to success. 

What’s been key to your business success? I really love what I do. I also persevere. 

If you were Prime Minister and could enact any one piece of business legislation it would be ...?  Create legislation to support creativity and innovation in small businesses.