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Meet the new FSB Area Leaders: Jenny Cross

After being successfully elected into the Area Leader post from January 1st 2019 (along with Clare Elsby), Leicestershire-based Jenny Cross shares what motivates her and what her key strengths and priorities are.


With 18+ years working with businesses to help growth through strategic marketing I am delighted to have the opportunity to now support SME’s in a fresh avenue. 
Cross Productions has been established for 6 years and specialises in marketing strategy and growth from consultancy to implementation of digital, print and event management. 

Having been elected as Area Lead for our Area of the FSB I see this as a great opportunity to voice small business opinions and have a positive impact in government. 
Making a difference to business policy decision making, a key priority is to engage with businesses ensuring that our community of business owners are able to get involved and have their voice heard.

I am looking forward to help lead with the FSB’s local and grass roots lobbying activities and will use my experience in event management to work alongside the FSB to establish a business networking group targeted specifically at SME’s giving them a safe and inviting environment to share experiences and thoughts around current business issues. 

As an active member of the Leicestershire Business Community I have the advantage of  understanding and seeing first hand numerous issued business owners are faced with. I plan to stay in the heart of our business community and champion those independent businesses who make up 99% of the private business sector.

Outside of work I have 3 young children who keep me grounded and in touch with the needs of our next generation – never a dull moment!