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Manchester remembers

A year ago this week, St Anne’s Square began to fill with flowers as people paid their respects to the victims of the Arena attack. 

One year on, as St Anne’s Square once more began to fill with floral commemorations, Area Chair, Chris Manka left a bouquet on behalf of FSB members and the wider small business community in the city region. He said: “As a region, we thought it was only right to recognise the date, but it’s been great to see so many other people and businesses also remembering what happened in this way. 

“I would encourage everyone to take some time over the next week to come in and see the Square once again looking resplendent in its floral best in memory of what happened. There’s no better way for the public to show the terrorists that they can’t win, than by carrying on with a business as usual mentality – which is exactly what we saw straight after the bomb. When people continue to come into places like the city centre – or any other public place for that matter – it sends out a clear message of resilience.”