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Make your website an international selling tool: Five key questions answered

Charlie Ruigrok, Department for International Trade’s super knowledgeable Digital Trade Adviser has written a blog encompassing five key areas on the subject of website internationalisation.

Charlie said: “I meet with a lot of companies to discuss their international digital strategy and there is a similar pattern to each meeting.

"So, for this blog, I have picked the top five things that come up time and time again. However, how they are applied to the business really varies depending on the type of business, category of product, target markets, legacy of systems and business set up. 
"The idea of this series of blogs is to help you identify the area to look at and see how you can develop a strategy that fits your international ambitions."

Please click on the links below to see information on each:
1: What domain should I be on?

2: Are there any platforms or website tech that can easily internationalise my website?

3: How do I manage a currency and pricing strategy? 

4: Is language a barrier to international ecommerce?

5: How do I drive international traffic to my website?

You can contact Charlie and the team for support to internationalise your website, as well as a huge range of other exporting support by contacting the Department for International Trade East Midlands on 0345 052 4001 or visiting