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Make every can count

‘Every Can Counts’ is a free-to-use programme with no catch. They are funded by the drinks can manufacturers and recycling industry, and their aim is simply to increase the amount of ‘on the go’ can recycling and target people when they are away from the home either at work, school or university, shopping or at events. 

Wherever you’re up to with your recycling, setting up Every Can Counts is easy. If you’ve already got a waste company handling all your recyclables, simply boost the number of cans collected using their branded recycling bins, bags, stickers and posters. Alternatively they can set you up with an outlet for your cans via their UK contacts network -

Your FREE starter pack contains all you need – 

- Recycling bins and clear sacks
- Table talkers for staff areas and canteens
- Posters

They provide ongoing support and can send out additional bins or bags as required. 
To get started simply contact via email and you can get recycling your cans today –
Check out the website -