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Local FSB member creates financial forecasting app for helping students keep their cash flow positive

The journey through university is an adventure that comes with many new demands, and managing a personal budget is among those of the highest in importance.

Paul Connolly, a local FSB member and lecturer at Northampton University has joined up with the Northamptonshire Credit Union to begin the development of a mobile application which aims to help students to make it through their student days in as good financial shape as possible.

He says "This app aims to give the student an easy to understand graph of their bank balance forecast for the next year, and how much money they'll have at that point in twelve months"

His hope is that when students habitually look at their spending profile for the ensuing year, they'll make the best spending decisions at the present moment

He adds "I've been using this model for many years in my own business, and always find the insight of knowing probable financial outcomes very empowering"

Paul's aiming to take the concept-stage app out for a spin at the Northampton University open day on 19th August and to gather comments and suggestions.

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