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Local business opportunities with the A14 delivery team

FSB are delighted to work with the A14  Delivery Team in their campaign to involve local businesses in the major project.  

At a recent event, the A14  team explained that the prime contractors that had won 4 of the 5 work packages had formed a joint venture to deliver the project (The A14 IDT) and that they were keen to contract with local SMEs to deliver the UK's largest construction project.

Innovative procurement processes and fast payment for contractors was one the key principles of the joint venture.

There is to be a huge focus on open innovation, respect, diversity and STEM - with a realisation that in an era of severe skills shortages the project really needed to be positively marketed if the huge number of highly skilled workers needed by the project are to be recruited. 

It is clear that the redevelopment of the A14 is a massive opportunity for Cambridgeshire SME's and the FSB will be in forefront of helping to promote the opportunities that exist