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Lighting the way to sustainability

Did you know that Kent and Medway small businesses can benefit from an EU grant of 40% up to a maximum of £10,000 for retrofitting lighting? LoCAse is an EU funded project set up to help businesses tackle and adapt to climate change.

You can save money, increase workplace productivity and enhance your brand and work environment by updating your lighting systems.

Newton Waterproofing Systems are a family run business established in 1848. Lighting specialists Majimoto were approached by Newton Waterproofing Systems as they were looking to improve lighting throughout their warehouse, facilities and offices.

Majimoto Director Tushar Raja says, “One of the problems we faced was the location of the existing lighting in the warehouse. Some of it was directly above the racking, which added to running costs by wasting light where there was no need. To improve this we replaced the lights and relocated them to better position. Energy consumption went down from 26,250Kwh per annum to 7,088Kwh just in this area.” 

The offices were also upgraded to flicker-free, no UV, ultra-slim embedded LED panels replacing old louvered panels which were noisy and presented health risks to staff. The company quickly saved money, at least £4,000 per year on top of reduced CO2 emissions and benefitted from the LoCAse grant.

Tushar continued; “While the return on investment is quite good without grants, with a grant it is normally a no brainer. Moreover, for the business, it improves their carbon credentials.”