Legal Owl takes the support

  • 19 Oct 2020

After a legal career and time as an executive PA, Jen Workman began trading as Business Owl four years ago.

As a Virtual Assistant with a niche legal offering, Jen supports sole practitioners running their law firms on their own, and also small boutique law firms that may have a small number of staff but don’t have the full range of skills required in-house.


She also support clients in other sectors, currently in accountancy, property and education, enabling businesses to benefit from her skills and experience without having to make the commitment of employing her.

Jen (pictured above) says “As any small business owner or self-employed professional knows, as your business grows you can’t do everything yourself whilst maintaining your sanity!”. She continues, “You quickly become overwhelmed trying to juggle the business on a day-to-day basis with the aspects of the business which only you can do.”

“This is where I come in, supporting my clients by freeing up their time so they can either focus on driving their businesses forward, or get a better work life balance”. “Now my FSB membership is providing me with support, helping me to grow the business and focus on delivering my services”.