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Launch Success for #FSBConnect

For some time now FSB Members have been requesting B2B networking provision within FSB. That call has been answered and in our Region we now have regular structured business networking meetings styled #FSBConnect in Peterborough for ‘region south’ and in Caistor for ‘region north’. 

The launch event was at Pinnacle House in Peterborough with the programme being led by our Development Manager and including brief presentations by our Membership Advisor and also business networking expert Mike Stokes. A good turnout and some effective networking led to excellent feedback about the event and good signs for the future growth of the group. The next meeting in Peterborough will be on Tuesday 18 July and will feature a presentation on Cyber Security. 

‘Region north’ meets at The Forge Café in the Caistor Equestrian Centre and meetings here will be along similar lines to those in Peterborough. Initial event was on Wednesday 28 June.

The format and venue for #FSBConnect meetings will be consistent and as far as possible they will be held on the same day of the month. Although on alternate months at present it is hoped that, as demand increases, the meetings can be held every month and led by local Members. The focus will always be effective networking, giving opportunities to build a network of contacts to assist business growth. The sessions will enable attendees to ‘turn the group into their own sales force’ and encourage the giving and receiving of referrals. #FSBConnect is not designed to compete with existing B2B networking groups but to add extra opportunities and to bring more business people into the networking arena. The meetings are also open to Non FSB Members.

Meeting details will always appear on the events calendar of our website regional homepage and in the weekly Business Bitesize newsletter. Booking is via Eventbrite with the £8 fee payable on arrival.