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Kent member launches compostable packaging and tableware

Eco-friendly cup manufacturer The Compostable Cup Company has joined forces with award-winning, environmentally-focused manufacturer Vegware to provide a green option for packaging and tableware.

The new offerings – which include cutlery, plates and packaging – will deliver a much lower impact on the environment than traditional plastic offerings. Popular during the summer barbeque and picnic season, plastic cutlery, packaging and plates are hugely harmful to the natural world, even if disposed of properly. With plastic pollution becoming an increasingly important and pressing issue, companies and manufacturers are searching for ways to lessen their own environmental impact. Compostable options are the ideal solution. It follows hot on the heels of current news that UK restaurants, local authorities and the government are seeking solutions to the deluge of plastic that threatens the planet.  

Vegware packaging and tableware uses plant matter instead of plastic, making their products one-hundred percent compostable. Not only will this ease environmental impacts of plastic, it will also enable users of the products to directly compost their packaging and tableware after use. The slogan for the line spells out the message loud and clear – ‘Plants, Not Plastic!’

Lee Hughes, Director, said, “This is a great advance in an area that sorely needs innovation. By now we all know the damage plastic straws, bottles and cups are doing to the planet – we’re seeing huge islands of plastic floating in our oceans – and something needs to change. Vegware’s compostable packaging and tableware are a major step in the right direction. Made from plants and, in turn, able to feed more plants, these products actively help the planet, rather than harming it.

“It’s a direction we hope the larger industry will take. Happily, we are seeing firms like McDonald’s showing a willingness to cut back their plastic usage, with other major users of plastics following suit. I think people are starting to realise that this isn’t a problem for the future, it’s happening now. That’s why we’re proud to be offering these eco-friendly solutions.”   

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