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International Diversity Day celebrated by FSB in South West England

Monday the 21st of May was International Diversity Day, and members of the FSB gathered at Plymouth University to celebrate the day with a series of speakers looking at the issues.

However this was a very different meeting as we were linking up with both Nottingham University and Manchester University and the speakers were from all three sights. 

The event kicked off with a speaker in Plymouth who looked at unconscious bias, which was fascinating and also talked about ways to unlearn unconscious bias. We all have unconscious bias but ways to work out how to change or when we were asking questions a very bright person in Nottingham asked about using unconscious bias in marketing and selling things. All very cunning tactics from the marketing teams. 

Next we looked at a specific profession the vet. Now a female dominated profession but the workplace is designed to fit an old fashioned male model. Something has to give. 
Finally we looked at women in business and the fact that there are still issues facing women in the working world.

It was a very thought provoking afternoon the one possible comment I had was that it might have been interesting to also explore other ethnic groups in the UK and the impacts diversity has on them. 

Thanks to Plymouth, Nottingham and Manchester Universities for all their support on this event.