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Innovation Programme for Greater Lincolnshire starts with a spark


Innovation is having a moment. Bandied round by consultants, entrepreneurs and senior managers, this appears to be the buzzword du jour. But what is innovation? And how can it be applied in a pragmatic sense?

This is the conundrum the Innovation Programme for Greater Lincolnshire poses through its latest animated campaign. 

When stripped of all the jargon and theory, innovation in its most basic sense is having the creativity and thought to do something differently. This could be from the inception of a brand new product with a global impact, through to changing a process that has been carried out in the same way for many years. We all have the potential to be innovators. 

Delivered by the University of Lincoln, and part funded by the European Regional Development Fund, the three year Innovation Programme aims to support businesses through the innovation process by providing practical assistance and grant funding.  

A number of schemes make up the programme, innovation vouchers award businesses up to £5,000 of an academic’s time, imparting valuable research knowledge to the development of projects.

Proof of Concept funding finances up to £10k for those who are looking to purchase equipment or complete marketing testing to develop their idea past the initial stage. Specialists are available to provide much needed business support and advice covering a range of business sectors and a variety of business functions from marketing, logistics and organisation, to new product development and finance.

Internships in cutting edge projects offer graduates sought after opportunities to work on something truly unique, whilst providing the business with a high level of knowledge, skill and enthusiasm. 

The Innovation Programme provides the tools to innovate, you just need the idea. 
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