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Impact Society and Improve your Bottom Line

Giving away some of your revenue through business giving may seem counterintuitive when your focus as a small business is ensuring you keep afloat and can invest in your future. However, embedding charitable giving into your business model early on has proven benefits in terms of CSR, revenue generation and customer loyalty. 

Small fish, big splash

First of all it’s worth stressing that no business is ‘too small’ to make a difference. The idea that you need to be ‘established’ before giving back only prevents small businesses from having a significant impact, especially within their local community where they could be helping grassroots charities for whom a little goes a long way. 

One family run organisation who has placed charitable giving at its heart and are reaping the benefits is BTE Automotive, who donate £1 from every MOT they carry out to charity. This may not seem like much, but since starting the initiative BTE have raised over £1,000, and through promoting their business giving have seen an uptake in trade - increasing their profit margins while enhancing the impact they make on their chosen charities.

Commerce without conscience is a big turn off for customers and clients alike, and it’s no longer enough to rely on a great product to win you business. Consumers are increasingly attracted to the social credentials of an organisation, with statistics speaking for themselves. Research shows that 80% of companies or brands outperform the market when clearly linked to a purpose*, while 90% of consumers would switch brands to support a specific cause when choosing between two brands of equal quality** - figures you can’t ignore in a market where standing out from the competition is crucial to long-term success. 

Growth through giving

 The benefit of enhanced social reputation achieved through charitable giving has been a strong force in the growth and success of Cheltenham based Women’s Business Club, established to connect and support UK businesswomen. 

“We give 5% of our membership fees to the member’s charity of their choice. It’s a great way to include members in our giving and to support their favourite charity.”

Women’s Business Club have embedded charitable giving into the core of their organisation, donating regularly to charities fighting against human trafficking - their overall cause - while also supporting smaller local charities and donating 5% of membership fees to the member’s chosen charity. Through also giving members the opportunity to give back Women’s Business Club empower members to make a difference, something that has attracted many women to the organisation and built loyalty and respect through highlighting its ethical business model. 

When talking to Angela De Souza, Women’s Business Club Founder, about her local charity giving she emphasised that she was able to “make more of an impact” through focusing on local charities who did invaluable work but were less able to achieve funding due to a lack of resources. The ability to make a real impact locally is something we often hear from regionally based businesses, while those they support are often only able to stay operational thanks to local business funding.

Through supporting local charities Women’s Business Club has gained a regional and wider reaching reputation for being an ethical and socially conscious business that cares about others and wants to make an impact. This isn’t a fluffy message, it’s incredibly powerful and an invaluable asset for any organisation to have. Enhancing loyalty and recommendations from existing members, Women’s Business Club has experienced a rise in prominence and income generation. Being seen to do good has paid off for Angela’s business, and could have significant benefits for yours too.

How Work for Good can support you

Work for Good is dedicated to helping small businesses like you connect with and donate to charities on a local, national or international scale. We’ve solved the legal and tax barriers that stand in the way of small businesses making a positive impact, and through us taking on the administration and legal aspects of charitable giving you’re free to focus on the important business of making your company a success - realising your ambitions of making a real difference to society in the process. 

If you’d like to work for good get in touch and find out how Work for Good could support you!

Anna Estop-Hall is Head of Memberships at Work for Good 

*Insights 2020 study by Kantar Millward Brown

**2015 Cone Communications Global CSR Study