Humber Apprenticeship Brokerage Service goes live

  • 23 Jun 2017

A £1 million employment scheme that aims to bolster apprenticeships in the Humber region by matching SMEs and candidates with the most suitable training providers has gone live. Intended to boost skills levels and productivity, the free Humber Apprenticeship Brokerage Service (HABS) is spearheaded by Humber LEP.

HABS is a single point of contact that connects employers with apprenticeship providing organisations and 19+ year old learners – both directly and indirectly through a network of referring employment and training agencies. Each employer meets a HABS representative to confirm their needs and learn about the funding and recruitment process and how to decide which apprenticeship provider is best for them.


Martin Fitzgerald, HABS Project Manager, said: “Apprenticeships boost businesses by plugging their skills gaps and providing a ready supply of motivated, energetic workers eager to learn. For the apprentices, they offer a gateway into a world of work by gaining relevant qualifications, experience and confidence as they earn.

“HABS will demystify the process for both employers and candidates alike, brokering introductions and always offering straightforward, impartial advice.”