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How you can help support small businesses in Kent

Supporting small businesses is not as straight-forward as it sounds – especially as small businesses make up 97% of the Kent economy and come from every business sector listed. 

A small business may have one, or five employees. It could be a home-based company engaging freelance employees for different projects. Perhaps a small business you know is a newly established tech company, a food manufacturer, a professional coach, or a well-established family firm with nearly 200 employees.

To help create a positive and thriving environment for these 140,000+ individuals who work and employ others in Kent, we have compiled evidence and recommendations from our years of supporting small businesses into one document, ‘81 Ways to Support Small Business’. 

The challenges facing Kent firms range from the road network and congestion to broadband access, parking for staff and customers, lack of office space and the inability to find suitable staff. For others, they want clear business support and access to finance.
The 81 Ways to Support Small Business document may be useful for existing Councillors, potential Councillors or local authority staff, as well as MPs interested in seeing an overview of the current issues that matter to small independent firms. 

Take a look here and see what you, or your local authority, is doing to support small businesses in your area.

81 Ways to Support Small Businesses 2018