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Help local pupils and increase youth employability

Research proves that young people with four encounters with employers at 86% less likely to become NEET (not in employment, education or training) and earn 18% more.

At FSB Greater London we’re working with Founders4Schools to increase youth employability in our region and beyond. Pupils in our community are leaving school without the skills required by employers, slowing the growth of local businesses and stunting our economy. 

As someone running a small business you can be an inspiration to the next generation. 

Your involvement can be as little as giving up an hour to share your story or you can go further by hosting work experience. In return your business may benefit from fresh ideas from an engaged and digitally aware generation.

It’s simple and free to join Founders4Schools and takes just 30 seconds to show that you’re happy for young people to apply for work placements at your company.

Once done local teachers will be able to invite you to inspire their pupils at a critical time in life by participating in events such as a career talks, and young people will be able to apply to you for work placements.