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Harrogate Borough Council launch Economic Growth Strategy

The Economic Growth Strategy for the Harrogate district's (2017 - 2035) aim is to adopt a co-ordinated, corporate approach to prioritise and support 'good growth' in the district, to achieve a sustainable and resilient economy by 2035 (featuring new higher value jobs, an increase in Gross value added (GVA) and a boost in average workplace wages to at least the regional average).

This aim will be achieved by delivering interventions in the following strategic themes:
• land and buildings for growth
• skills for growth
• targeted business support
• conditions for growth: digital and telecoms
• conditions for growth: transport
• branding and promotion

The interventions within these key themes will focus on four key sectors
• creative and digital
• financial and professional services
• logistics
• scientific research and development

This new economic growth strategy is all about providing a long term framework to build on our strengths, address our challenges, create effective partnerships and deliver positive, focused interventions to create a more sustainable economy for the future.