FSB Women Cornwall event is hailed a massive success

  • 20 Jun 2017

A few months ago FSB Cornwall advertised an event at the Lighthouse Cinema in Newquay to celebrate women in business. What a success that was! On a rainy day back in May, around 100 people came to the event and listened to the amazing stories of 6 women who had started their own businesses and through different journeys, issues, problems, highs and lows had become successful in their sector.

An equine dentist who has become a successful and well respected lingerie expert, a creative girl with a kiln in her bedroom that has now made a glass ceiling for a cruise ship, an inspired young cook who went to India to learn how to make best-selling cuisine, a TV presenter who “was at the top of her mountain” but climbed another one because she needed to change the view. Just a flavour of the stories but all were fascinating and inspiring and the feedback from the event was phenomenally positive.

At the end of the event there was a question time panel and then a cream tea. From the conversations that started and then continued…. and continued, it soon became clear that a special interest group must be formed. The expertise and knowledge that many business so often seek, is in fact in our midst and there is enormous scope for such a group to support, inspire and nurture others and themselves right here in Cornwall.

So FSB Women Cornwall has been formed. Our first meeting was last month and the group is looking to become a hub for inclusivity and help for anyone who is struggling with diversity, being included in the business community or just simply needs to know what to do next. If you are interested in lending your expertise or simply just need a bit of encouragement or knowhow email [email protected] and Ann will put you in touch with the group.

Pictured above are: FSB Women in Business Speakers Karen Oldha-waring, Jo Downs, Alexis Bowater, Lindsey Hall, Bini Ludlow, Michele Poynter