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FSB wins over candidates in general election battle

The calling of the recent General Election may have caught many by surprise, but FSB quickly galvanised to make sure our voice was heard by all the candidates vying to take a seat in Westminster.

Within a couple of weeks of the election announcement, FSB nationally had produced an impressive 30 page manifesto which we distributed to more than 70 of the candidates standing across the 17 Parliamentary seats that form part of the Gloucestershire and West of England FSB region.

The manifesto (‘Small business, big ambition’) centred around five key areas we are asking our newly-elected politicians to focus on in coming years: securing a pro-business Brexit, creating a level playing field for small businesses, improving the working lives for business owners, driving down the cost of doing business and making a difference locally. 

The manifesto will now form the core of our lobbying activity with MPs both nationally and locally here in Gloucestershire, Bristol, Bath, South Gloucestershire and Weston-super-Mare so all our elected representatives are fully aware of the concerns and issues that affect the small businesses who drive our economies.

As for the election itself, this FSB region covers a wide geographic area and within it we saw three seats change hands on June 8 with Labour winning two seats from the Tories (Stroud and Bristol North West) and the Liberal Democrats taking Bath from the Conservatives which meant by the end of the night we were left with 11 Conservative MPs, five Labour ones and a Liberal Democrat. All of them were immediately contacted by us when the polls closed to begin our vital relationship in the next Parliament for the benefit of our members.

If you would like to see the manifesto and read about the items we will be discussing with all the winning candidates then you can see it at