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FSB supports students’ school to work transition in Hastings

As we all know the transition from school to work is never easy and young people today need all the help they can get. FSB works with schools and colleges to offer this support. Why? Because young people are the talent pipeline that will take smaller businesses forward to greater profit. At Ark William Parker Academy, FSB Development Manager, Martin Searle (pictured left) participated in an interview skills day for year 11 students, which was co-ordinated by the school’s Careers Leader, Graham Morris (pictured right).


“I was impressed by the students confidence and ability to communicate their skills and experiences in a positive way,” said Martin. Graham Morris expressed his thanks and gratitude to all the business people that supported the day, saying it gave every student a vital learning experience to help them on their way to jobs, apprenticeships, a college or University place. 

Top interview tips for the students included relating real examples to their skills and experience, focussing on positive body language such as ‘warm’ eye contact with interviewers and gestures to illustrate their points. “A well-paced, clear speaking voice is also important to convey what you mean in a confident fashion,” added Martin Searle, who has over 25 years of experience in Human Resources and coaching roles.  

In all, a valuable day and – who knows – these young people could be running their own businesses supporting the economy and community in the future.
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