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FSB pledges support for “Made in Sheffield” brand

The FSB has pledged its fullest support for a campaign to promote the “Made in Sheffield” brand.

The FSB’s South Yorkshire Chairman, Andrew Flower, said: “A campaign to restore the reputation of the Sheffield City Region to its rightful place as the world leader in manufacturing technology is long overdue. The investment shown by the likes of Boeing, McLaren and Rolls Royce serves to underline what we in Sheffield always knew: that the city and its surrounding area is the cradle of world technology, innovation and ingenuity. Our two-hundred year history of manufacturing the finest precision-engineered products, coupled with the research and development excellence of our great universities, sets this city region apart from anywhere else in the world.

“Once again small manufacturers are starting to reappear around the region, introducing a new generation of engineers and innovators to facilitate an effective supply chain for the likes of Forgemasters and Liberty.

“It is expected that local manufacturing and technology companies will create hundreds of hi-tech jobs in the next few years and there is every reason for the city region to feel confident about jobs and prosperity for the future. The region now needs to pull together, along with its local councils, the Local Enterprise Partnership and all the schools and colleges to strengthen initiatives to cultivate home-grown skills and talent to meet the challenge of future advances in technology. 

“Sheffield City Region innovates better than anywhere else in the world, and that message needs to resonate globally. By reinforcing investor confidence our prosperity will be ensured and our potential will be realized. If we speak with a consistent voice and present a confident face to the world, momentum will be accelerated and the ‘Made in Sheffield’ brand will be restored to its rightful place in global recognition.”