FSB partnership with Woman Who... goes from strength to strength

  • 23 Jun 2017
When you think of a Woman Who… you generally think about a strong, decisive individual who has made it in the world of business.  However, you may be one of many reading this who instantly thinks “That’s not me!”

Throughout the last year, in partnership with the FSB, Woman Who… has sought to change that perception by holding a series of networking events and an annual Awards to inspire women in business to think differently.  By listening to local and inspirational women in business speakers that perception is changing.  

Nominations for the first Woman Who…Awards in 2016 saw over 100 entries received. However, 85% of those nominations were from others; friends, business colleagues and family members. This year, over 160 nominations were received. It was fantastic to see that over 80% were received from the entrants themselves showing a huge shift in confidence with women in business putting themselves forward.


In addition to inspiring women to recognise their achievements and celebrate them, Woman Who…is also about coming together to gain confidence, to inspire and support others. By encouraging women in business to become active in their local community by holding positions where they can make a difference, they also add to their own skill set. Whether they are on a charity committee, local PTA, school governor or acting as a trustee, they will generally find that they gain in confidence and find it easier to transition into key roles such as a non-exec for a local organisation or a committee role with the FSB.

In addition, Woman Who…seeks to engage with local schools, colleges, university and training organisations. Hence, we have our Rising Star Categories at the annual Awards and encourage women in business to go and speak in our local educational establishments to share their own journeys and to inspire.

On 8th September the Woman Who…Network will be held jointly with the University of Warwick Sprint Programme. Attendees will hear from Anne Wilson, Head of Careers at the University of Warwick; Lyn Bromley of First Impressions and Helen Routledge of Totem Learning (Winner of the Woman Who…Inspires Award 2016 and Woman Who…Innovates in Technology Award 2017). www.womanwho.co.uk