FSB Northern Ireland Member Case Study #8: Adrian Power, Power advertising

  • 28 Sep 2020

Some background details on Adrian & Power Advertising

Power Advertising is a specialist graphic design and marketing company working in Northern Ireland for the last fifteen years. Adrian Power is the CEO and owner of Power Advertising and comes from a London based advertising agency background.

Having worked and lived in London for fifteen years, he moved to Northern Ireland to help a Northern Irish advertising company develop its creative output. After a few years of working in different advertising agencies, Adrian formed Power Advertising N.I to facilitate the global pharmaceutical company Almac Pharmaceutical, BioClin and Arran Pharma with all their marketing challenges. Power Advertising is now the premier specialist Pharma marketing company in Northern Ireland. Adrian is also one of the owners of digita.agency which specialises in web, social and digital marketing.

Why did you join the FSB & has it been helpful?

Power Advertising joined FSB early on in the company's history, as being part of the Federation of Small Businesses would give us a more prominent voice when discussing issues relating to small businesses within Northern Ireland and Great Britain area. We also realised that the FSB was a great 'safety net' for any small business when it came to legal, governmental, insurance and taxation issues and challenges.

How did Covid-19 impact your business?

COVID-19 has affected businesses in many different ways, but probably the most significant impact for a marketing company is the halting of all new business opportunities.

The one advantage for Power Advertising is that we are specialists in the Pharma marketing world, and there have been multiple opportunities to develop marketing around the COVID-19 pandemic solutions via drug development and testing.

What is single greatest challenge for any SME at the minute?

The single biggest challenge for marketing SMEs at the moment is trying to generate new business with the slowing of the economy.

As people feel anxious regarding the future, marketing projects are slowing down at the moment, and it is probably going to take another six to eight months before we get back to where we initially were.

The other significant challenge is Brexit and how we develop as a nation as we go global. We must market ourselves as the new Northern Ireland and Great Britain in an international business world.

What are the opportunities and positives for SMEs at the minute and how are you embracing recovery?

One of the best opportunities we have found over the last five months has been virtual exhibitions. This has become the 'go-to' marketing thrust of all of the pharmaceutical companies we work for. Flights all over the world have gone as have physical handshakes at an exhibition and have evolved into Virtual Exhibitions technologies.

Such opportunities give us the chance to produce digital graphics, websites, portals and landing pages to help our pharmaceutical partners to put their best foot forward in these difficult times.

Of FSB’s key campaign issues at the minute. Which is most important to you and your business at present and why?

At present, the fundamental issues we find within our sector is the transition period and the lack of clarity of how Brexit is going to land.

Until we know how to develop as a global country, it is challenging to make any plans for the future. Getting Brexit done - in whatever form - is the crucial issue for the next two years for ourselves as a marketing company.

Have you any words of advice to anyone starting a small business?

There is a famous saying, "Good advice is dangerous, and the best advice is deadly". However, if I were to give a piece of advice to someone thinking of starting a small business, it would be to keep everything simple. Try to use being 'small' to your advantage, keep your costs low, be agile and be able to develop and evolve quickly to these very volatile times.