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FSB members can help shape the plans for the future of London

One of the key objective for FSB is to be recognised as the most influential and trusted business organisation. Our campaigning activities, lobbying and engaging with political representatives is a big part of this.

In London, this means engaging with The Mayor and the GLA as well as MPs and Local Authorities.

At the moment, The Mayor is currently working on his Draft London Plan and the Draft Economic Strategy, which he launched in conjunction with FSB London at the end of last year, documents which will have far reaching impacts on London’s residents and small businesses for years to come.

These consultations provide some of the best opportunities for Londoners to shape the proposals.

Of course FSB London will be submitting responses and we want to represent the majority of members’ views as clearly as we can.

It’s vital that individual businesses from every sector responds – you can be sure that plenty of other pressure group members will be – so that the Mayor and his team at City Hall have a balanced perspective of responses. 

They are weighty documents, but worth taking some time to read and if possible, submit your own thoughts.  

Whether you submit your own individual response or not, we do want to have your views. They don’t have to be on every proposal – even comments about one or two proposals will help us draft FSB London’s response.  Please email Matthew Jaffa with your views by 5 February 2018.