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FSB Member The Storage Pod celebrates ten years in business after establishing a fresh storage approach at the heart of historic Brooklands


Regional Chairman, Brian Woods and FSB Insurance Director Tim Lazenby together with other FSB Activists took time out of their busy day to celebrate a fellow members 10 year anniversary in business

Linda Conway founded The Storage Pod ten years ago and we met with Managing Director Lionel Smith today. Linda had a vision to create a storage solution that was different from the dark, dingy warehouse units typical in the industry at that time. Somewhere bright and inviting where bespoke solutions and the personal touch were at the forefront of the offering.

Ten years on from this vision, The Storage Pod is celebrating its tenth anniversary this May. 

Located at the heart of Brooklands in Weybridge, Brooklands itself is steeped in history as the internationally renowned home of British motor sport during the early twentieth century, as well as having a pivotal role in the development of the motor car and long distance aviation.

This history made it fitting that this is where Linda would find the home to make her ambitions to create a new and fresh storage proposition a reality.

By way of sharing the celebration FSB Members save an extra 10% on storage costs to celebrate their birthday during the month of May

The Storage Pod is located at Unit 28, Trade City, Avro Way, Brooklands, Weybridge. Call 01932 353700 or visit to find out more.