FSB meeting members at Leicestershire and Northamptonshire Business Expos

  • 31 Oct 2017

FSB members and staff continue to meet FSB members and highlight new and key membership benefits at two large expos in the region. 

Leicestershire Business Expo at Leicester City Football ground was a busy day meeting members from across Leicestershire and joined by service providers from the new FSB Legal Hub, FSB Debt Recovery Service, Legal and Tax helplines and Tax Investigation protection- all free and essential benefits for members to use whenever they need to. 


Our ‘Small is Beautiful’ desk plants were given away to highlight the recent #FSBWellbeing campaign focusing on little things which businesses can do to keep themselves and their staff healthy. A Wellbeing Hub is now available for members to access here

Make sure you visit us on November 16th at the Northamptonshire Business Expo, Holiday inn, Corby. We’ll be hoping to meet member visitors and exhibitors, take pictures and hear all about your business.

We’ll also be able to discuss how FSB can help you- maybe you’d like to get involved in campaigning or events, you’ve got a business issue you’d like to raise, you’d like a quick reminder of what benefits and services your membership entitles you to or you’d just like to say hi and take some freebies- we look forward to seeing you! 



Regional Sales manager Hemant Kalidas, Development Manager Jennifer Thomas and Regional Treasurer John Hardwick on the stand at Leicestershire Business Expo