FSB Looking after ME

  • 07 Oct 2020

We’re all living and working through difficult times, and now more than ever, it’s important as a business owner, to look after both your mental and physical health in order to be in the best possible position to steer your business through the pandemic. 

Covid-19 has increased the propensity for mental ill health in small business owners as Christine Husbands, Managing Director of ‘FSB Care’ has seen through the enquiries coming into the service.  Christine reports a rise in anxiety conditions amongst small business owners.  Christine said “Anxiety has increased not only related to the initial strict lock-down rules and significant effect on personal and family relationships, but also due to business and financial worries”. 


Christine continued “As restrictions change, anxieties are down to confusion over the rules and how they apply. Starting to do ‘normal’ things.  Worries about the health of self and family, and uncertainty about the future.  For small business owners, these worries are compounded by additional factors such as the need to get the business running profitably within the restrictions.  Making the workplace safe for employees and customers, and of course dealing with employees and their worries and anxieties”.

To address some of the issues facing business owners, FSB Hampshire put on a virtual session with a panel of experts, including FSB Care’s Christine Husbands; Executive coach, transformational therapist and hypnotherapist – Suzanne Dew; Hypnotherapist – Paul Hill; Sleep expert Matt Stringer and Communications expert Jo Hompstead.   

Here are the top tips from our wellbeing experts:

Suzanne Dew advises “Self-care is health care.  Find a way to dedicate a regular timeslot for yourself that you can look forward to, knowing that you will choose how to spend that time, really switch off from everything and truly relax. This will activate your parasympathetic nervous system and decrease anxiety. Activities such as spending time in nature, meditation, massage, exercise, playing with children/animals or simply doing a favourite hobby can be highly effective in lifting your mood, strengthening your immune system, reducing your blood pressure and alleviating the impact of stress. The key is to identify an activity that really relaxes you and then ensure that it forms an integral part of your regular schedule”.

Communication expert Jo Hompstead said “I think it's really important to find a space where you can be 'you' without having to put on a brave face - somewhere where you can find support and validation for how you are feeling with people who care. Think about your network and connect with someone / a group that can give you this. Others will be looking for the same thing!

Hypnotherapist Paul Hill added “Here's the thing Ladies & Gentleman, Google 'Physical Health', do it now, please. What do you see? Empowering quotes, smiley albeit sweaty faces. Now do the same with 'Mental Health'; a sadly different story. You see, we ALL have mental health but we don't ALL have mental illness despite the media and the likes of Google depicting that bias. My message, 'Change YOUR Language', important for those who surround you - family, colleagues, employees but more importantly, the language you use for YOU. Love & Respect


FSB Care’s Christine Husbands sums up how we can look after ourselves? 

  • Recognise and acknowledge the way you are feeling, one day at a time, keeping a journal can help
  • Take control of things you can control
  • Don’t be too hard on yourself, avoid unnecessary pressures, try not to take on too much.
  • Exercise good self-care, be kind to yourself. Do things you enjoy…exercise, yoga, mindfulness, creative hobbies…
  • Cultivate acceptance – it is what it is – accept that it’s OK to feel sad/out of sorts occasionally.

Finally, concentrate on the things you CAN do and not the things you can’t.

FSB Care is here to help you through these difficult times.