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FSB London Micro Business of the Year winner sets sights on family category for next year


“Starting a family was what pivoted my business” said Lucy Werner, FSB member and founder of ‘The Wern Ltd’ – a communications consultancy for start-ups, entrepreneurs and independents.

“I used to think that business success was building a big team and aiming for the highest turnover, with a goal to sell the company. After the birth of my first son, I realised that success for me was actually about helping as many other small business owners grow their business throw publicity and having a work life balance that worked for me. 

"In the last year, I’ve worked really hard (whilst juggling childcare) for some fabulous SME brands and been able to achieve some incredible results at an affordable budget. It’s given me the space to develop PR coaching, my first ever product “52 PR Tips’ and writing my first book, ‘Hype Yourself’ which will be published by Practical Inspiration Publishing in January 2020.”

"My partner, Hadrien Chatelet, was made redundant at the beginning of the year and has been sharing the childcare with me, whilst I have focused on growing the business and saving up for my second maternity. Following the award win, he has actually joined to launch a creative arm so we can now offer not just PR but branding & design consultancy. A brand for brands. 

"Receiving the London regional award has confirmed to me that I can succeed in juggling motherhood whilst building a business and I think that is an important message for other parents in that they can do the same. 

"Membership to the FSB is extremely affordable and both Hadrien and I have made a whole bunch of useful connections from the networking events. We don’t enter traditional creative or PR awards as they are not affordable for a small business and ultimately only promote us to our industry peers. Winning the London award raised our profile in front of our target audience and we had three new business enquiries alone in the 24-hours after we announced our win across our social channels.  See Lucy Werner of The Wern Ltd speaking here:

"We’ll definitely be back next year with our sights set on the family business award."