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FSB London member gets to the art of business

Laura Iosifescu of Laura I.Gallery talks to Denise Beedell in the sixth of a series of articles featuring the winners from the FSB Celebrating Small Business London Area Finals held on 19 March.

Laura has a mission to bring a host of values not normally associated with the art world to a wider audience. 

She believes that art can bring about real change for good and cross social boundaries in the spirit of collaboration and celebration. 

When she opened her gallery in September 2016, the Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan was the guest of honour at the inauguration.

Her gallery encourages artists whatever their race, gender, nationality, age or creed, and provides a venue for exciting and ambitious exhibitions in the East End of London to celebrate our common humanity rather than focus on where society goes wrong.

She has an impressive reputation, having exhibited in over 50 international exhibitions alongside acclaimed artists including Tracy Emin, Mark Quinn and Gavin Turk.

Her revolutionary wearable dresses made from paint have helped her carve out a name in a unique discipline.

Laura says, “My own experience and struggles have made me the artist I am today, and I am keen to invest all my revenues back into the community.

“It is so important to bring people together, create a sense of belonging and help them express their inner creativity.

“I have been fortunate to have many supporters and investors, and 60 per cent of my work is in the hands of private collectors.”

Laura hopes to participate in several big Art Fairs and work with more local organisations and businesses on a range of ambitious projects. 

Her dream is to one day secure a place for her art at the V&A.

Laura’s gallery and home are based in Barking near the River Rodding and this is the place she goes to everyday to relax and enjoy being close to nature, especially the wide variety of bird life. 

Laura I. Gallery won the Community Award in the FSB London Area finals.